Five Weather Reports (2014)


soprano, violin, clarinet, flute, percussion, and live electronics

Five Weather Reports was written for the TAK ensemble in the Winter of 2014 and was developed from an earlier composition for solo soprano and electronics of the same name. The text set in this piece comes from excerpts of David Ohle’s 1974 science-fiction novel Motorman. Five Weather Reports consists of five songs that set bizarre and absurd weather reports that are heard over the radio by the Ohle’s protagonist, Moldenke. Although the book was published many decades ago, these excerpts take on an intensified contemporary environmental and societal meaning.

Coil (2012)

improvising sampler created in max/MSP

The virtual improviser used to produce the tape part is a computer program that I’ve created that is still progressing through its infancy. For this piece, the rhythms are strictly predetermined while the pitches are improvised according to probabilities. A key aspect of this virtual improviser is that they understand pitch in terms of frequency ratios rather than discreet frequencies. Throughout this work, the virtual improviser cycles through different sets of probabilities of wavering harmonic complexity in order to provide a slowly shifting harmonic tensing and relaxation. However, it may be interesting to note that in this work the key never changes and the tonal center is always an A.