Fall Semester Final Project

General Requirements:
• Your piece should be 4-5 minutes in duration. All styles are allowed, but the piece must be detailed and crafted. If you choose to make a beat-base piece, the model should be Aphex Twin and not simple repetitive techno-type music. Longer durations are possible but need my approval.

Technical Requirements:
• You must use automation (any parameter) and basic editing (slicing + moving).
• You must use panning.
• You must use filtering.
• You must use pre-fader sends with reverb to create a sense of depth.
• You must you use some sounds you recorded yourself using the Sony PCM-M10 recorder (or other device if you know how to use it).
• You may use sounds from the internet, but make sure you have the right to use them, and these should be high quality (i.e., no low resolution MP3s).
• You may use vst instruments and synthesizers.

Style, overall form, and musical gestures: 30%
Technical proficiency: 70%