Alluvium (2017)

solo oboe d'amore and electronics

Written for and dedicated to Catherine Lee.

Song (2015)

solo cello

Song for Solo Cello is dedicated to Anssi Karttunen. This score was written during the Summer of 2015 in Smithers, British Columbia, for a recital at the Scandinavia House in New YorkCity, Fall 2015. This piece is part of a series of short solo cello compositions written for Mr.Karttunen by allumni of the Creative Dialogue program in Santa Fe and Helsinki.

Vocalise (2008)

solo violin and offstage drone

Written for Mira Benjamin, this piece explores formal ideas from Hindustani music. The lowest string of the violin is retuned to a slightly flat F-sharp, corresponding to the just major third of a D. This note is heard throughout the piece as a drone, grounding a microtonal mode and gradually expanding register of the solo instrument. The drone can be produced electronically or by using any number of offstage instruments.