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Joshua Modney

New Focus Recordings 2018

Multifaceted violinist Josh Modney (Wet Ink Ensemble, ICE, formerly of Mivos Quartet) releases an ambitious 3 CD set highlighting his various arenas of virtuosity, from premiere recordings of works written for him by Kate Soper, Eric Wubbels, Taylor Brook, and Sam Pluta, to his Just Intonation interpretation of Bach's luminous Chaconne, to a series of recordings of his laser focused improvisations, both his own material and a work by the eminent Anthony Braxton. Modney is truly a musician's musician, approaching everything he does with precision, commitment, and expression.

Old Fires Catch Old Buildings


New Focus Recordings - 2018

old fires catch old buildings is the third full-length album from ‘formidable new-music force’ loadbang, a quartet comprised of trumpet, trombone, bass clarinet, and baritone voice. It features works by Taylor Brook, Reiko Füting, Paula Matthusen, Angélica Negrón, Scott Wollschleger and loadbang’s own Jeffrey Gavett and William Lang. Much of the music on the record deals with language and communication, and the ways in which those natural human capabilities can break down or flourish in unexpected ways.

The Privacy of Domestic Life

Architek Percussion

Centrediscs - 2018

Recording of Incantation on Architek Percussion's (Montreal) debut album


Olivia De Prato

New Focus Recordins - 2018

Austro-Italian violinist Olivia De Prato has been an active performer in New York City’s contemporary music community since moving there in 2005. As a member of critically acclaimed ensembles, the Mivos Quartet, Ensemble Signal, and Victoire, De Prato has been invoved in commissioning, premiering, and recording countless new compositions, with a range of figures spanning the diverse landscape of new music...

Virtutes Occultae


Ouaricon Editions - 2017

Virtutues Occultae is an album in eighteen sections for six physically modeled virtual pianos, each with a unique tuning in an extended 11-limit just intonation. 

In writing this music I used a mixture of traditional composition methods of structuring the music with various harmonies and progressions along with more free writing, collage techniques, and algorithmic composition. The tuning of the virtual pianos extends Harry Partch’s conception of the over-tonality. This album also exists as a six-channel surround sound concert/installation format.

Composed, produced, and designed by Taylor Brook
Mastered by Christopher Botta

Ecstatic Music

TAK ensemble

New Focus Recordings - 2016

Ecstatic Music: TAK Ensemble plays Taylor Brook is the product of years of collaboration between Brook and TAK, and captures the range of Brook’s compositional voice, as well as TAK’s dedication to bold, highly communicative new music. 


Produced by David Bird and Taylor Brook
Design by David Bird
Engineered by Patrick Higgins
Mastered by Christopher Botta
Recorded at Futurepast Studio, 11/14/2016 to 11/15/2016


Garden of Diverging Paths

Mivos Quartet

New Focus Recordings - 2016

The Mivos Quartet's newest release features three recent works for string quartet by US-based composers Taylor Brook, Andrew Greenwald, and Kate Soper. Literary elements inspired each work on this album, as the composers drew from figures such as Jorge Luis Borges, the American minimalist artist Carl Andre, and Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Give My Regards to 116th Street

Kobe Van Cauwenberghe

Carrier Records (2015)


Give My Regards to 116th Street is Belgian guitarist Kobe Van Cauwenberghe’s humble homage to the city where he spent his formative years as a musician. Music from a number of New York based composers features heavily on this album. From the various collisions and malfunctions of Alex Mincek’s Strata, through the clicking rubbing, scraping and popping of Rama Gottfried’s Spindle, to Christopher Trapani’s association of the guitar and various american folk instruments in Really Coming Down, this album explores the different musical approaches of young American composers of Kobe’s generation.


À chacun sa miniature

Quatour Bozzini

Collection QB

À chacun sa miniature is the first disc release by the Bozzini Quartet dedicated entirely to emerging artists. This collection of miniatures was written in 2011 to celebrate the Bozzini Quartet’s studio-lab for the next generation, the Composer’s Kitchen.